High Rocks

Frant, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Sussex

NGRef: TQ561382
OSMap: LR188
Sitetype: Ns/IApf

Iron-Age Promontory Hillfort

A double rampart cuts across the promontory at the eastern end of the hill, while the north and west sides are protected by sheer cliffs of sandstone. An entrance and small outwork are to be found in the south-east corner of the fort which covers an area of about 24 acres (c.9.7ha). The outer bank and simple spoil-ditch have been tentatively dated to the 1st century BC, while the inner defences comprising a stone-revetted bank and broad, shallow ditch were probably constructed in the 1st century AD.

Mesolithic/Neolithic Rock Shelters

Caves among the rocks below the fort have yielded evidence of Stone-Age human habitation, in the form of microliths, hearths and pot-sherds. These have been radiocarbon dated to c.3,700BC, this corresponds to an occupation period around the late-Middle to early-New Stone ages.