Maumbury Rings

Dorchester, Dorset

NGRef: SY690899
OSMap: LR194
Sitetype: Nh

Neolithic Henge Monument

Later Roman amphitheatre. This site began as a circular henge with a single entrance on the NE, having an enormous bank, 3.4m high. A series of 45 circular chalk pits, some over 4m wide and 10m deep, formed an irregular, discontinuous internal ditch. The shafts were deliberately infilled, and were found to contain bones, tools and chalk phalli. Rhe Romans utilized the site to make an amphitheatre for the nearby town of Durnovaria (Dorchester), by removing a 3m thickness of chalk from the central portion to make an oval area 58 by 48m, while the external diameter was extended to over 100m.