Rollright Stones


NGRef: SP296309
Sitetype: Nbc/BAsc/BAss

Neolithic Burial Chamber and Bronze-Age Stone Monuuments

This site consists of three contemporaneous groups of objects dating to c. 2000 BC set on an exposed ridge above the Oxford plain:

Legends abound: The circle is supposed to represent a King and his army, turned into stone by a witch; Barren women can be cured by touching the stones with their bare breasts; Anyone who counts the stones and obtains the same number three times will have their wishes granted; The stones go down to the stream at midnight to drink; Young people used to meet at the circle on midsummer's eve for feasting, dancing and debauchery; In the 18th century the King's Stone was dragged down to the nearby stream by 20 horses to form a bridge, but every morning the stone was found overturned. Eventually the stone was returned to its original location and the task was achieved by a single horse!