Roman Military Campaigns – Severan Campaigns in Scotland ( AD222 -224)

Severan Marching Camps in Scotland

Name N.G.Ref. Description
Kirkpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway NY2870 Small Camp
Castlecraig?, Borders NT1244 Small Camp
Eskbank?, Lothian NT3266 Small Camp
Craigarnhall, Central NS7598 Small Camp
Alauna (Veniconum) (Ardoch, Tayside) NN8309 Small Camp
Innerpeffray, Tayside NN9118 Small Camp
Broomhill, Forteviot, Tayside NO0317 Small Camp
Horrea Classis (Carpow, Fife) NO2017 Small Camp
Auchtermuchty, Fife NO2411 Small Camp
Scone Park, Tayside NO1027 Small Camp
Longforgan, Tayside NO2930 Small Camp
Lintrose, Tayside NO2237 Small Camp
Eassie, Tayside NO3546 Small Camp
Kirkbuddo, Tayside NO4942 Small Camp
Kinnell, Tayside NO6150 Small Camp
Lunanhead, Tayside NO4752 Small Camp
Marcus, Tayside NO5158 Small Camp
Battledykes, Keithock, Tayside NO6163 Small Camp
Raedykes, Grampian NO8490 Medium Camp
Normandykes, Grampian NO8299 Medium Camp
Kintore, Grampian NJ7816 Medium Camp
Ythan Wells, Glenmailen, Grampian NJ6538 Medium Camp
Muiryfold, Grampian NJ4852 Medium Camp
Alauna (Veniconum) (Ardoch, Tayside) NN8309 Large Camp
Innerpeffray, Tayside NN9118 Large Camp
Grassy Walls, Scone, Tayside NO1028 Large Camp
Cardean, Tayside NO2846 Large Camp
Battledykes, Oathlaw, Tayside NO4555 Large Camp
Balmakewan, Marykirk, Grampian NO6666 Large Camp
Kair House, Laurencekirk, Gampian NO7676 Large Camp
Trimontium (Newstead, Borders) NT5734 Massive Camp
St. Leonards, Lauderdale, Borders NT5445 Massive Camp
Channelkirk, Borders NT4854 Massive Camp
Pathhead, Lothian NT3963 Massive Camp
Inveresk?, Lothian NT3472 Massive Camp
  • Small Camps ~ 63 acres / 25 ha
  • Medium Camps ~ 110 acres / 44 ha
  • Large Camps ~ 130 acres / 52 ha
  • Massive Camps ~ 165 acres / 66 ha
Temporary Marching Camps in Scotland
Map of Temporary Marching Camps in Scotland

Welsh Forts Occupied During the Severan Period

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