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Roman Military Campaigns

The Trajanic Period (c.ad105-c.122)


The Stanegate Fortifications
listed from east to west

Washing Wells, Whickham, Tyne & WearNZ2160fort overlooking the Tyne
CORSTOPITVM (Corbridge, Northumberland)NY9864large fort at the Dere Street/River Tyne crossing
Newbrough, NorthumberlandNY8667probable fort
VINDOLANDA (Chesterholm, Northumberland)NY7766fort
Haltwhistle Burn, NorthumberlandNY7166small fort
MAGNIS (Carvoran, Northumberland)NY6266fort at Stangate junction with Maiden Way
Throp, NorthumberlandNY6365small fort
Nether Denton, CumbriaNY5964fort
Old Church, Brampton, CumbriaNY5161fort
LVGVVALIVM (Carlisle, Cumbria)NY3956large fort guarding the Eden bridge
ABALLAVA (Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria)NY3259forts and watchtower
Kirkbride, CumbriaNY2257fort on the Wampool estuary
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