The Roman Army of Britain


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Legionis, Cohortes et Alae
Citizen Legions, Infantry Cohorts and Cavalry Wings

Legionis Britanniarum - The Roman Citizen Legions of Britain
Alae Britanniarum - The Auxiliary Cavalry Wings of Britain
Cohortes Britanniarum - The Auxiliary Infantry Cohorts of Britain
Catervae Britanniarum - The Irregular Auxiliary Units of Britain
Cohors Praetoriae - The Praetorian Cohorts in Britain
Numeri Exploratorum - The Companies of Scouts
Classis Britannica - The British Fleet

Legionary and Vexillation Fortresses

Roman Fortresses in Britain

Auxiliary Forts and Fortlets

Forts and Fortlets in England
Forts and Fortlets in Wales
Forts and Fortlets in Scotland

Temporary Marching Camps

Temporary Marching Camps in England
Temporary Marching Camps in Wales
Temporary Marching Camps in Scotland

Roman Military Campaigns

Southern Campaigns - Campaigns in Southern England and Wales between 43AD and 77AD
Agricolan Campaigns - Campaigns of Gn. Julius Agricola throughout Britain between 77AD and 84AD
Northern Campaigns - Campaigns in Northern England and Scotland between 84AD and 410AD

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Roman Military Standards
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