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The many index pages within RBO provide links to information on all aspects of Roman Britain, including many Classical references written by the ancient authors, individual pages for every major site of the period and lots of information about the surviving Romano-British archaeology, with details of ongoing Romano-British digs. The website is also liberally sprinkled with links to other notable websites having Romano-British themes. At the heart of the RBO website is a collection of maps of Roman Britain, showing, and providing detailed information on:

To purchase Ordnance Survey Maps of Roman Britain, please use the following links
For a beautifully presented, single-sheet map and accompanying 44-page booklet:
Map of Roman Britain by the Ordnance Survey (3rd Edition, 1956)
For the superb double-sided edition which inspired the website:
Historical Map and Guide: Roman Britain by the OS (4th Ed., 1990);
For a modern 'wall-chart' of Roman Britain accompanying a potted history of the province:
Historical Map and Guide: Roman Britain by the OS (5th Ed., 2001);
For the best Atlas of Britain (the last edition published with contour lines):
Atlas of Great Britain by the Ordnance Survey (Country Life, 1982);

Our bibliography pages contain details of every literary reference work used in our historical research and also links to every online reference used during our cartographical, archaeological and technical researches. is still not run as a commercial concern and you will find absolutely no unwanted advert's on the RBO website. A new development, however, is the introduction of links to publishers of certain reference works which will appear in the bibliography section of each page. These links will allow RBO users to purchase the books online, while the publisher makes a small donation towards the upkeep of RBO.

RBO is not too proud to decline contributions from private individuals or reputable organisations who wish to sponsor the website. All donations thus recieved will only be used to maintain the running of the website and to fund connected Romano-British research projects. We absolutely guarantee that no money donations will be retained for the private use of any individual connected with RBO.

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