Burgh by Sands Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camps

The site of a Roman temporary camp is visible as cropmarks on air photographs. It lies between the course of Hadrian’s Wall and the Vallum. The camp lies just 130 feet (40m) to the south of Hadrian’s Wall Milecastle 71, only ¼ mile east of Burgh village, between the Wall to the north and the Kirkandrews-Burgh road to the south. The proximity of the Burgh by Sands Temporary Camp to the Aballava fort suggests that it may have housed the work-force which built the fort itself, though this is not proven.

The east side of the camp is complete and measures some 525 feet (160m) between the corner-angles, though only short lengths of the north and south sides are known and no trace of the western defences are visible. It is very likely that the camp was oriented towards the north, which may indicate an east-west measurement of around 100m if the standard Roman tertiata pattern (3:2 ratio) were followed.

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Also known as the Beaumont Camp

OS National Grid Reference: NY33875910
Dimensions: c.330? x 525 ft (c.100? x 160 m)
Area: c.4 acres? (c.1.6 ha?)

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Roman Roads near Burgh by Sands Temporary Camp

None identified