North Church

Minor Settlement and Possible Fort

Iron-age pottery has been recovered from the site, and the latest coins retrieved are Theodosian; giving an occupation period from the first to the fourth centuries. Roman military fittings have also been found, these include a belt-mount and pendant, a pilum head, the handle of a gladius and part of a lorica segmentata.

A villa has been discovered in Northchurch nearby (SP9709).

References for North Church

  • Roadside Settlements in Lowland Roman Britain by Roger Finch Smith (B.A.R. British Series #157, 1987) p.235.

Map References for North Church

NGRef: SP9510 OSMap: LR165, Explorer2.

Roman Roads near North Church

WNW (25) to Alchester (Oxfordshire) Icknield Ridgeway: NE (10) to Dvrocobrivis (Dunstable, Bedfordshire) WNW (11) to Fleet Marston ESE (12) to Vervlamivm (St. Albans, Hertfordshire) Icknield Ridgeway: SW (26) to Dorchester On Thames (Oxfordshire)