Cohors Primae Nerviorum – The First Cohort of Nervii

The First Cohort of Nervii

This unit was raised from among the Nervii tribe of Belgic Gaul. These warlike neighbours of the Tungri had almost defeated Julius Caesar and were severely put-down in response, though they were later to provide the Roman auxiliary forces with foot soldiers of excellent repute. They are attested at Caer Gai in on a tombstone of a former Blacksmith in the unit. They are also named on a single undated altar from Netherby in Cumbria and were probably stationed at the fort during its first period of occupation as a Hadrianic outpost.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Primae Nerviorum in Britain

  1. Cil Vii.1194; privilegia militvm, dated late? 105AD.
  2. Caer Gai (RIB 418 tombstone).
  3. Netherby (RIB 966 altar).
  4. Chesterholm (RIB 1683 altar).