The Temples and Shrines of Roman Britain

A Gazetteer of Romano-British Pagan Temples

Name/Location of TempleType of TempleAssociated Deity
Arthur's Oon, CentralCircularVictory
Barkway, HertfordshireClassical?Mars
Bath, AvonClassicalSul Minerva
Benwell, Tyne & WearApsidalAntenociticus
Bourton Grounds, BuckinghamshireRomano-British; Type Ia, or Ib 
Brean Down, SomersetRomano-British; Type Ic, or Ib 
Brigstock, NorthamptonshireCircular 
Bruton, Lamyatt, SomersetSquare 
Buxton, derbyshireClassical?Arnemetia
Caernarfon, GwyneddApsidalMithraeum
Caerwent 1, GwentRomano-British; Type Ic or Id 
Caerwent 2, GwentOctagonal 
Caerwent 3, GwentClassical? 
Caister-by-Norwich 1, NorfolkRomano-British; Type I 
Caister-by-Norwich 2, NorfolkRomano-British; Type Ic or Id, possibly IIc or IId 
Caister-by-Norwich 3, NorfolkRomano-British; Type I 
Carrawburgh 1, NorthumberlandSquareCoventina
Carrawburgh 2, NorthumberlandRectangularMithraeum
Carrawburgh 3, NorthumberlandOpen Air ExedraNymphaeum
Camerton, AvonSemicircular? 
Castor, CambridgeshireClassical 
Catterick, North YorkshireClassical? 
Chanctonbury Ring 1, SussexRomano-British; Type Ib, or Ic 
Chanctonbury Ring 2, SussexPolygonal? 
Chedworth, GloucestershireRomano-British; Type Ia 
Cockersand Moss, LancashireClassical?Nodens Mars
Colchester 1, EssexClassicalThe Imperial Cult
Colchester 2, Sheepen Farm 1, EssexRomano-British; Type I 
Colchester 3, Sheepen Farm 2, EssexRomano-British; Type IId or IIe, possibly IIId/e 
Colchester 4, EssexRomano-British; Type IIId or IIIe, possibly IId/e 
Colchester 5, EssexRomano-British; Type IIId, or IIIe 
Colchester 6, EssexRectangularSilvanus Callirius
Colchester 7, EssexRomano-British? 
Colchester 8, EssexApsidal?Matres Suleviae?
Collyweston 1, NorthamptonshireRectangular? 
Collyweston 2, NorthamptonshireOctagonal 
Collyweston 3, NorthamptonshireHexagonal 
Collyweston 4, NorthamptonshireCircular 
Corbridge 1, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 2, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 3, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 4, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 5, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 6, NorthumberlandClassical 
Corbridge 7, NorthumberlandClassical 
Crownthorpe, NorfolkRomano-British; Type I 
Farley Heath, SurreyRomano-British; Type Ia 
Findon, Sussex (Muntham Court)Circularhealing cult?
Frilford 1, BerkshireCircularCamulos?
Frilford 2, BerkshireRomano-British; Type Ia or Ib, possibly IIa/b 
Gloucester, GloucestershireClassical? 
Gosbecks Farm, EssexSquare 
Great Chesterford, EssexRomano-British; Type I, or II 
Harlow, EssexRomano-British; Type Ib or Ic, or IIb/c 
Hayling Island, HampshireCircular? 
Hockwold, NorfolkRomano-British; Type Ie, or IIe 
Housesteads 1, NorthumberlandApsidalNymphaeum?
Housesteads 2, NorthumberlandCircularMars Thincsus
Housesteads 3, NorthumberlandRectangularMithraeum
Irchester, NorthamptonshireRomano-British; Type Ia or Ib 
Jordan Hill, DorsetRomano-British; Type I 
Kenchester 1, HerefordshireRomano-British? 
Kenchester 2, HerefordshireClassical? 
Lancing Down, SussexRomano-British; Type Ic or Id, possibly IIc/d 
Lincoln, LincolnshireClassical?Mercury? or Apollo?
Lullingstone 1, KentRomano-British?; Type Ib? 
Lullingstone 2, KentCircular? 
Lydney Park, GloucestershireRomano-British(-ish!)Nodens Mars
Maiden Castle 1Circular 
Maiden Castle 2Romano-British; Type Ib-d, or IIb-d 
Maryport 1, CumbriaApsidal?Mithraeum?
Maryport 2, CumbriaCircular?Mother Goddesses?
Millington, East YorkshireCircular?Tribal Boundary Shrine?
Nettleton 1RectangularDiana (et al.?)
Nettleton 2/3Circular/OctagonalApollo Cunomaglus
Pagans Hill, Chew Stoke, SomersetOctagonal 
Richborough 1, KentRomano-British; Type I 
Richborough 2, KentRomano-British; Type I 
Richborough Site 4, KentClassical?Venus?
Rudchester, NorthumberlandApsidalMithraeum
St. Albans 1, HertfordshireRomano-British; Type Ia or Ib, possibly IIa/b 
St. Albans 2, HertfordshireRectangular/Apsidal 
St. Albans 3, HertfordshireClassical 
St. Albans 4, HertfordshireClassical 
St. Albans 5, HertfordshireApsidal? 
Scargill Moor, Bowes 1, DurhamRectangularVinotonus Silvanus
Scargill Moor, Bowes 2, DurhamCircularVinotonus
Silchester 1, HampshireRomano-British; Type Ib-e or IIb-e 
Silchester 2, HampshireRomano-British; Type Ib, or IIb 
Silchester 3, HampshireRomano-British; Type Ia, possibly IIa 
Silchester 4, HampshireDecahexagonal (16-sided) 
Silchester 5, HampshireApsidal 
Silchester 6, HampshireApsidal? 
Springhead 1, KentRomano-British; Type Id, or IId 
Springhead 2, KentRomano-British; Type Ie, possibly IIe 
Springhead 3, KentRectangular Temple-Pool 
Springhead 4, KentRectangular 
Springhead 5, KentSmall Rectangular Temple 
Stroud, HampshireOctagonal? 
Thistleton, Leicestershire 1/2Circular 
Thistleton, Leicestershire 3BasilicanVheterus
Titsey, KentRomano-British; Type Ia-c 
Walton-on-Hill, SurreyCircular? 
Weir Gardens, HerefordshireOpen Air Exedra?Nymphaeum?
Weycock Hill, BerkshireOctagonal 
Woodeaton, OxfordshireRomano-British; Type Ic or Id 
Worth, KentRomano-British; Type I 
Wroxeter 1, ShropshireClassicalJupiter?
Wroxeter 2, ShropshireSquare 
Wroxeter 3, ShropshireClassical? 
Wycombe 1, GloucestershireRectangular 
Wycombe 2, GloucestershireSquare 

In the table below, the Romano-British temples marked with a green hash-sign (#) all have pages on the RBO website, however, those marked with a red asterisk (*) have no corresponding RBO page at the present time.

Bourton Grounds, Bucks. #
Boxted, Kent *
Brean Down, Somerset #
Brigstock, Northants. #
Chanctonbury Ring, W. Sussex #
Chedworth, Glos. #
Chew Stoke, Avon #
Cold Kitchen Hill, Wiltshire #
Collyweston, Northants. *
Congresbury, Avon #
Crownthorpe, Norfolk *
Farley Heath, Surrey #
Findon, W. Sussex *
Frilford, Oxon. #
Gosbeck's Farm, Essex #
Great Chesterford, Essex #
Harlow, Essex #
Hayling, Hants. *
Hockwold, Norfolk #
Jordan Hill, Dorset #
Kit's Coty, Kent *
Bruton, Lamyatt, Somerset #
Lancing Down, W. Sussex #
Lydney Park, Glos. *
Maiden Castle, Dorset #
Nettleton Shrub, Wiltshire #
South Cadbury, Somerset *
Studley, Wiltshire *
Thistleton, Leic #
Titsey, Surrey #
Uley, Gloucester *
Weycock Hill, Berkshire #
Woodeaton, Oxfordshire #
Worth, Kent #
Wycomb, Gloucester #
Caistor St. Edmund, Norfolk #

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Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).
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