Roman Military Campaigns – The Hadrianic Period (c. AD122 -c.136)

Welsh Forts Abandoned During the Hadrianic Period

Hadrianic Period (c.122AD – c.136) Hadrian’s Wall Forts – listed from east to west

Name N.G.Ref. Description
SEGEDVNVM (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear) NZ3066 Fort
PONS AELIVS (Newcastle, Tyne & Wear) NZ2564 Fort
CONDERCVM (Benwell, Tyne & Wear) NZ2164 Fort
VINDOBALA (Rudchester, Northumberland) NZ1167 Fort
ONNVM (Halton Chesters, Northumberland) NY9968 Fort
CILVRNVM (Chesters, Northumberland) NY9170 Fort
BROCOLITIA (Carrawburgh, Northumberland) NY8571 Fort
VERCOVICIVM (Housesteads, Northumberland) NY7868 Fort
AESICA (Greatchesters, Northumberland) NY7066 Fort
CAMBOGLANNA (Birdoswald, Cumbria) NY6166 Fort
BANNA (Castlesteads, Cumbria) NY5163 Fort
VXELODVNVM (Stanwix, Cumbria) NY4057 Fort
ABALLAVA (Burgh by Sands, Cumbria) NY3259 Fort
CONCAVATA (Drumburgh, Cumbria) NY2659 Fort
MAIA (Bowness-on-Solway, Cumbria) NY2262 Fort
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The Outpost Forts and the Hinterland of the Wall

Name N.G.Ref. Description
ARBEIA (South Shields, Tyne & Wear) NZ3667 Fort at mouth of the Tyne
MAGNIS (Carvoran, Northumberland) NY6266 Fort on Stanegate
FANVM COCIDI (Bewcastle, Cumbria) NY5674 Northern Outpost Fort
CASTRA EXPLORATORVM (Netherby, Cumbria) NY3971 Northern Outpost Fort
BLATOBVLGIVM (Birrens, Dumfries & Galloway) NY2175 Northern Outpost Fort
VINDOLANDA (Chesterholm, Northumberland) NY7766 Fort on Stanegate
ALAVNA (Maryport, Cumbria) NY0437 Fort of the ‘Western Sea Defences’
GABROSENTVM (Moresby, Cumbria) NX9821 Fort of the ‘Western Sea Defences’
MEDIOBOGDVM (Hardknott, Cumbria) NY2101 Hinterland Fort
LAVATRIS (Bowes, Durham) NY9913 Hinterland Fort

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