Roman Military Campaigns – The Second Antonine Period (c. AD158 -c.162)

Welsh Forts Occupied During the Late-Antonine Period

Antonine Period II (c.158AD – c.162)

Name N.G.Ref. Description
TRIMONTIVM (Newstead, Borders) NT5734 Large Fort
Glenlochar, Dumfries & Galloway NX7364 Large Fort
CORSTOPITVM (Corbridge, Northumberland) NY9864 Fort
HABITANCVM (Risingham, Northumberland) NY8986 Fort
BREMENIVM (High Rochester, Northumberland) NY8398 Fort
Inveresk, Lothian NT3472 Fort
Cramond, Lothian NT1976 Fort
BLATOBVLGIVM (Birrens, Dumfries & Galloway) NY2175 Fort
Castledykes, Strathclyde NS9244 Fort
Bothwellhaugh, Strathclyde NS7357 Fort
Whitemoss, ? ? Fort
CAMELON (Camelon, Central) NS8680 Fort
ALAVNA (Ardoch, Tayside) NN8309 Fort
Strageath, Tayside NN8918 Fort
Bertha, Tayside NO0926 Fort
Cappuck, Borders NT6921 Small Fort
Crawford, Strathclyde NS9521 Small Fort
Chew Green, Northumberland NT7808 Fortlet
Milton, Dumfries & Galloway NT0901 Fortlet
Lyne, Borders NT1840 Fortlet
Lurg Moor, Strathclyde ? Fortlet
Outerwards, Strathclyde NS2366 Fortlet
The Antonine Wall was reoccupied at this time (see above).

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