Auxilia Britanniarum

The Auxiliary Forces of Britain

1 Cohors Primae Sunicorum – The First Cohort of Sunici
2 Cohors Secundae Thracum – The Second Cohort of Thracians
3 Cohors Sextae Thracum – The Sixth Cohort of Thracians
4 Cohors Septimae Thracum – The Seventh Cohort of Thracians
5 Cohors Primae Tungrorum [milliaria] – The First Cohort of Tungri, (one -thousand strong)
6 Cohors Secundae Tungrorum milliaria equitata
7 Cohors Primae Vangionum [milliaria] – The First Cohort of Vangiones, (one -thousand strong)
8 Cohors Primae Fida Vardullorum civium Romanorum equitata milliaria – The First Cohort of Faithful Vardulli, citizens of Rome, part -mounted, one -thousand strong
9 Cohors Secundae Gallorum – The Second Cohort of Gauls
10 Cohors Quartae Gallorum – The Fourth Cohort of Gauls
11 Cohors Quintae Gallorum – The Fifth Cohort of Gauls
12 Cohors Primae Nervana Germanorum milliaria equitata
13 Cohors Primae Hamiorum Saggitariorum – The First Cohort of Hamian Bowmen
14 Cohors Primae Hispanorum equitata – The First Cohort of Spaniards, part -mounted
15 Cohors Primae Lingonum – The First Cohort of Lingones
16 Cohors Secundae Lingonum – The Second Cohort of Lingones
17 Cohors Tertiae Lingonum – The Third Cohort of Lingones
18 Cohors Quartae Lingonum – The Fourth Cohort of Lingones
19 Cohors Primae Menapiorum – The First Cohort of Menapii
20 Cohors Primae Morinorum – The First Cohort of Morini
21 Cohors Primae Nerviorum – The First Cohort of Nervii
22 Cohors Secundae Nerviorum – The Second Cohort of Nervii
23 Cohors Tertiae Nerviorum – The Third Cohort of Nervii
24 Cohors Sextae Nerviorum – The Sixth Cohort of Nervii
25 Cohors Primae Pannoniorum – The First Cohort of Pannonians
26 Cohors Secundae Pannoniorum – The Second Cohort of Pannonians
27 Cohors Quintae Raetorum – The Fifth Cohort of Raeti
28 Cohors Sextae Raetorum – The Sixth Cohort of Raeti
29 Cohors Secundae Vasconorum civium Romanorum
30 Cohors Primae Alpinorum – The First Alpine Cohort
31 Cohors Primae Aquitanorum – The First Cohort of Aquitani
32 Cohors Secundae Asturum equitata – The Second Cohort of Astures, part -mounted
33 Cohors Quartae Asturum equitata – The Fourth Cohort of Astures, part -mounted
34 Cohors Primae Baetasiorum civium Romanorum
35 Cohors Primae Batavorum Equitata – The First Cohort of Batavi, part -mounted
36 Cohors Tertiae Bracaraugustanorum – The Third [Infantry] Cohort from Bracara Augusta
37 Cohors Quartae Breucorum [Antoninianae] – The Fourth Cohort of (Antonine’s Own) Breuci
38 Cohors Primae Celtiberorum – The First Cohort of Celtiberians
39 Cohors Primae Aeliae Classicae – The First Cohort of the Aelian Fleet
40 Cohors Primae Cornoviorum – The First Cohort of Cornovii
41 Cohors Primae Cugernorum – The First Cohort of Cugerni
42 Cohors Primae Dacorum – The First Cohort of Daci
43 Cohors Primae Delmatarum – The First Cohort of Delmatae
44 Cohors Secundae Delmatarum Equitata – The Second Cohort of Delmatae, part -mounted
45 Cohors Quartae Delmatarum – The Fourth Cohort of Delmatae
46 Cohors Primae Frisiavonum – The First Cohort of Frisiavones
47 Cohors Quartae Frisiavonum? – The Fourth Cohort of Frisiavones?
48 Cohors Primae Thracum – The First Cohort of Thracians