Catervae Britanniarum

Cunei, Equites, Numeri, et Vexillationes or Formations, Mounted-units, Companies and Detachments

Cuneus Armaturum – The Armoured Formation

  1. Ribchester (Notitia Dignitatum),

Cuneus Frisiavonum Aballavensium – The Formation of Frisians from Aballava

  1. Burgh by Sands (unattested but implied in unit title),
  2. Papcastle (RIB 882 altar 19-20 Oct 241AD; 883 altar 244-249AD),

Cuneus Frisiavonum Vercovicensium – The Formation of Frisians from Vercovicium

  1. Housesteads (RIB 1594 altar),

Cuneus Frisiorum Vinoviensium – The Formation of Frisians from Vinovia

  1. Binchester (RIB 1036 undated),

Cuneus Sarmatarum – The Formation of Sarmatians

  1. Ribchester (Notitia Dignitatum),

Equites catafractariorum – The Heavily-Armoured Horsemen

  1. Ilkley (Notitia Dignitatum),

Equites Crispianorum – The Crispian Horsemen

  1. Doncaster (Notitia Dignitatum),

Equites Dalmatarum – The Dalmatian Horsemen

  1. Bridlington (Notitia Dignitatum),

Equites Dalmatarum Branodunensium – The Dalmatian Horsemen of Branodunum

  1. Brancaster (Notitia Dignitatum),

Equites stablesianorum Gariannonensium – The Horsemen from the Stables at Gariannum

  1. Burgh Castle (Notitia Dignitatum),

Milites Tungrecanorum – The Soldiers of the Tungrecani

  1. Dover (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Abulcorum – The Company of Abulci

  1. Pevensey (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Defensorum – The Company of Guards

  1. Kirkby Thore (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Directorum – The Company of Upright Men

  1. Brough Castle (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Equitum Sarmatarum – The Company of Sarmatian Horsemen

  1. Ribchester (RIB 583; dedicatory inscription to Apollo; 241AD),
  2. Catterick (RIB 2479; tiles stamped: BSAR),

Numerus Exploratorum Bremenio – The Company of Scouts from Bremenium

  1. High Rochester (RIB 1262 altar 238-241AD; 1270 base),
  2. Portchester (Notitia Dignitatum),
  3. Bowes (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Exploratorum Habitanco – The Company of Scouts from Habitancum

  1. Risingham (RIB 1235 213AD; 1243; 1244),
  2. Portchester (Notitia Dignitatum),
  3. Bowes (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Fortensium – The Company of Brave Men

  1. Bradwell on Sea (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Hnaudifridi – The Company of Hnaudifridius

  1. Housesteads (RIB 1576 altar),

Numerus Longovicanorum – The Company from Longovicium

  1. Lanchester (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Magnesium? – The Company from Magnis

  1. Carvoran (RIB 1825),

Numerus Maurorum Aurelianorum – The Company of Aurelian’s own Mauri

  1. Burgh-by-Sands (RIB 2042; Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Nerviorum Dictensium – The Company of Nervii from Dictium

  1. Dictium? (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Pacensium – The Company of Pacenses

  1. Burrow Walls (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Solensium – The Company of Solenses

  1. Old Carlisle (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus superventientium Petueriensium – The Company of Newcomers from Petuaria

  1. Malton (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Syrorum Saggitariorum – The Company of Syrian Archers

  1. Kirkby Thore (RIB 764 altar to Fortuna),

Numerus barcariorum Tigrisiensium – The Company of Tigris Bargemen

  1. South Shields (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Turnacensium – The Company of Turnacensi

  1. Lympne (Notitia Dignitatum),

Numerus Vigilum – The Company of Watchmen

  1. Chester-le-Street (Notitia Dignitatum),

Venatores Bannienses – The Hunters from Banna

  1. Birdoswald (RIB 1905 altar),

Vexillatio Classis Britannicae – A Detachment of the British Fleet

  1. Benwell (RIB 1340 122-126AD),

Vexillatio Germanorum Voredis – The Detachment of Germans from Voreda

  1. Old Penrith (RIB 920 altar),

Vexillatio equitata provincae Germaniae – The part-mounted Detachment from the German provinces

  1. Ribchester (RIB 589 c.163-169AD),

Vexillatio Raetorum et Noricorum – The Detachment from Raetia and Noricum

  1. Manchester (RIB 576 altar),

Vexillatio Raetorum et Gaesatorum – The Detachment of Raeti and Gaesati

  1. Cappuck (RIB 2117 altar),
  2. Risingham (RIB 1216 altar?; 1217 altar; 1235 213AD),
  3. Great Chesters (RIB 1724 altar),

Vexillatio Sueborum Longovicanorum – The Detachment of Suebi from Longovicium

  1. Lanchester (RIB 1074 altar; Notitia Dignitatum),

Unplaced Inscriptions

Ambleside, Cumbria

Corbridge, Northumberland

Gloster Hill, Northumberland
1206 (altar) CAMPESTRIBVS COH I ...

Risingham, Northumberland
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