The Tribes of Iron-Age and Roman Britain

Britain was divided into a number of tribal territories, some large and powerful, others small and insignificant, those who opposed Rome and those who welcomed the trappings of civilisation.

Life was hard for the Celtic tribes. They were mainly farmers who grew, gathered or hunted for their own food. They were also fierce warriors who were often at war with each other. The following is a list of the Tribes of Britain.

1 Damnoni Northern Britain
2 The Minor Northern Tribes Northern Britain
3 Epidii Northern Britain
4 Caledoni Northern Britain
5 Taexali Northern Britain
6 Venicones Northern Britain
7 Vacomagi Northern Britain
8 Votadini Northern Britain
9 Selgovae Northern Britain
10 Novantae Northern Britain
11 Trinovantes Southern Britain
12 Silures Western Britain
13 Segontiaci Western Britain
14 Regnenses Southern Britain
15 Parisi Middle of Britain
16 Ordovices Western Britain
17 Iceni Southern Britain
18 Durotriges Southern Britain
19 Dumnonii Southern Britain
20 Dobunni Southern Britain
21 Demetae Western Britain
22 Deceangi Western Britain
23 Cornovii Middle of Britain
24 Coritani Middle of Britain
25 Catuvellauni Southern Britain
26 Carvetii Northern Britain
27 Cantiaci Southern Britain
28 Brigantes Northern Britain
29 Belgae Southern Britain
30 Atrebates Southern Britain

For the definitive ancient work on the Geography of Britain and the location of its Native Tribes: The Geography of Claudius Ptolemaeus, trans. by E.L. Stevenson (Dover, New York, 1991);