M. Stlaccius Coranus

His father C. Stlaccius Capito and brothers C. Stlaccius Capito and L. Stlaccius Fronto are all commemorated on a tablet found near Rome, Set up by his wife Claudia Secunda. They may have originally come from the town of Cora in Latium, where their voting-tribe, the Collinae were strong. Coranus began as a senator’s personal assistant, and then was selected by lot five times to serve as a juror. His first command was of Cohort V Bracaraugustorum in Germany, where he won the decorations befitting his rank of the mural crown and hasta pura. He next served with the legion, in Britain where he stayed to take command of Ala Hispanorum which was transferred here after the Boudican revolt: his service with the legion should be in the Flavian period.