Bearsden Roman Fort

Antonine Wall Fort

Although no trace of this Antonine fort survives, the bath-house in its attached annexe does, its irregular plan the result of several rebuilding.

Bearsden fort is thought to have measured approximately 480 ft. from east to west by 350 ft north-south (c.146 x 107 m), thus covering an area of just over 3¾ acres (c.1.5 ha). It was excavated 1973-82; the Bath-House of the fort is now on public display just off the A809. Fifteen coins have been recovered from the site, ranging from a denarius of Mark Antony to a nummus of Magnentius dated 351AD, also including 4 coins of Trajan, 3 of Antoninus Pius, 2 of Hadrian and another 3 unclassified. There are no inscriptions on stone recorded in the R.I.B. for the Bearsden/New Kilpatrick fort.

Bearsden Athena Review  Vol.1, no.1 The Roman Fort and Bath at Bearsden, Strathclyde.

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Map References for Bearsden

NGRef: NS 54622 72097 OSMap: LR64

Roman Roads near Bearsden

Antonine Wall: E (2.25) to Svmmerston (Strathclyde) Antonine Wall: W (1.5) to Castle Hill (Strathclyde)

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