Sextus Julius Severus

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Governor of Britannia from c.131AD to 132/3

"Soon [132AD], however, all Judaea had been stirred up, and the Jews everywhere were showing signs of disturbance ... Hadrian sent against them his best generals. The first of these was Julius Severus, who was dispatched from Britain, where he was governor, against the Jews."
Cassius Dio History of Rome LXIX.xiii.1-2 - Epitome of Xiphilinus

Julius Severus - Epigraphic Evidence

RIB 739 Bowes, Yorkshire

A building inscription from Bowes in Yorkshire RIB 739: IMP CAESARI DIVI TRAIANI DIVI NERVAE NEPOTI TRAIANO AVG PONTIFICI MAXI COS III P P COH IIII F SVB IVLIO SEVERO LEG AVG PR PR "For Imperator Caesar (Hadrianus) Trajanus, (son) of the divine Trajan, grandson of the divine Nerva, high-priest, consul three times, father of his country, the Fourth Cohort of Frisians? (built this), under Julius Severus, pro-praetorian legate of the Augustus".