Aesu[…] was a contemporary of Anted[ios], who was the nominal leader of the Iceni during the invasion of 43AD. He possibly represented a rival faction within the Icenian nobility who were opposed on principle to the appointment by Rome of a single tribal representative. He issued his own inscribed coinage around 45AD, and was joined in this apparent show of displeasure by another contemporary Icenian leader, Saenu[…], who also issued inscribed coinage during the clientship of Anted[ios] in opposition to Rome. In 47AD, this resentment turned to violence when the Iceni, possibly led by Aesu[…], Anted[ios] and/or Saenu[…], took the opportunity of the change in the governorship, to rebel against Roman interference. All three Icenian nobles probably died during the fighting or were put to death by Marcus Ostorius soon afterwards, as Prasutagus was made Client-King.