Anted[ios] (only the first five letters appears on his coinage, the ending -ios is conjectural) succeeded Can[…] in c.25AD as leader of the Iceni, and should not be confused with Anted[…] of the Dobunnic tribe of Gloucestershire. He took no active part in the opposition to the Roman invasion of 43AD and was subsequently made a client of Rome. He produced his first coins marked ANTED probably in commemoration of this honour. This action possibly stirred up the Icenian nobility who were opposed to the rule of a single leader, and this prompted Antedios to issue a generic coinage inscribed with ECEN, probably representing the name of the tribe instead of his own. This seemed not to appease at least two of the Icenian nobles, Aesu[…] and Saenu[…] who minted their own inscribed coinage sometime around 45AD. It is probable that Anted[ios] was involved in the Icenian War of 47AD, possibly precipitating the violence through his own death, though this is pure speculation. He must have lost his life by the end of the war however, for following the supression of the tribe by the son of the new governor, Marcus Ostorius, none of these leaders are heard of again, and the clientship of the kingdom of the Iceni passed to the pro-Roman leader Prasutagus.