Issued coin during the last decades of the first century BC. It is probable that he ruled over the northern part of the Dobunni tribe, as all of his coins have been found in that region, his contemporary, Corio appeared to have ruled over the southern part of the tribe, though some of his coins have been found in the northen territory. Whether the division of the Dobunnic kingdom was an amicable arrangement between two legitimate sons of the old king or was the result of an internecine war between members of opposing noble families, will probably never be known. Coinage distribution evidence shows that Corio possibly ruled over the entire Dobunnic kingdom for a while at least, before Bodvoc took over in the north. It is possible that Bodvoc was succeeded by Catti[…] in the north, while Corio was replaced by Comux[…] in the southern territories. A variant of his name may have been Bodvoccus or Boduoccus.