A son of Tasciovanus, therefore probably the younger brother of Cunobelin, and apparently a favoured uncle of Caratacus.

His coinage issues, from which we know his name and his filiation, bears the inscription TAS CIF to either side of a corn ear on the obverse, and a galloping horse and rider with the inscription EPATICCV round the edge on the reverse.

The distribution of his coinage leads us to believe that he expanded the territory of his tribe at the expense of the Atrebatean king Verica, and installed himself at his capital, Calleva in circa 25AD.

It is likely that Epaticcus was permitted to govern the area by his brother as part of the  Catuvellaunian hegemony that was expanding across south eastern Britain at the time. He continued to take Verica’s lands to west and south until his death, probably on campaign in c.35AD, after which his expansionistic policies were continued by his nephews Caratacus and Togodumnus, probably in the late 30’s AD.