Marcus Antonius Gordianus

He served as governor of Roman Britain in 216 AD and was a Suffect Consul sometime during the reign of Elagabalus. Inscriptions in Roman Britain bearing his name were partially erased suggesting some form of imperial displeasure during this role.

Gordian I became a Roman Emperor for 21 days with his son Gordian II in 238, the Year of the Six Emperors.

Epigraphic Evidence of  Marcus Antonius Gordianus being Governor of Britannia Inferior

CONCANGIS (Chester-le-Street, Durham; RIB 1049; dated: 216AD) – … EQQ ALAE ANTONININAE …TERRITORIVM… AQVAM INDVXIT BALNEVM … A SOLO INSTRVXIT SVB CVRA …DIANI LEG AVG PR PR SABINO II ET ANVLLIN COS “[…] the knights of the Antoninian Wing […] the territorium […] the aqueduct leading to the bath-house […] constructed from its foundations, during the administration of […]dianus, pro-praetotian legate of the emperor, when Sabinus – for the second time – and Anullinus were consuls”.