Modius Julianus

Modius Julius was a governor of Britannia Inferior, a province of Roman Britain during AD 219 under Elagabalus.

Epigraphic Evidence of  Modius Julianus being Governor of Britannia Inferior

Inscriptions at Birdoswald and Netherby attest to his rule although little else is known of him:

C ASTRA  E XPLORATORVM  (Netherby, Cumbria; RIB 980; text recut and unreliable; dated: c.215-220AD) – IM…ANTOIII PII SVSBS COS VEXIL LEG II AVG ET XX V V ITEM COH I AEL HISP EQ SVB CVRA MODI IVLI III EG AVG PR PR INSTANTE … AEL NI … “For Im[perator] Antoninus Pius, forceful consul. Detachments of the Second Augustan Legion, the Twentieth Valeria Victrix and the First Cohort of Aelian Spaniards, part-mounted, during the administration of Modius Julius, pro-praetorian legate of the emperor, in the presence of [the prefect] Aelius Ni[…]”.

C AMBOGLANNA  (Birdoswald, Cumbria; RIB 1914; dated c.219AD) – SVB MODIO IVLIO LEG AVG PR PR COH I AEL DAC CVI PRAEEST M CL MENANDER TRIB “Under Julius Modius, Legate of Augustus with pro-praetorian power, the First Aelian Cohort of Dacians (built this), with contributions from their commander, the Tribune Marcus Claudius Menander”.