Publius Mummius Sisenna

Publius Mummius Sisenna – Governor of Britannia from c.132/3AD to 135 (or later)

This governor possibly presided over the later stages of the development of Hadrian’s Wall, after Julius Severus had been abruptly removed from Britain by Hadrian to counter a serious revolt in Judaea. The Vallum, for instance, was probably undertaken during his administration, likewise the re-building of the western third of the wall in stone and the development of the ‘Western Sea Defences’, an extension of the Wall’s defensive line along the Cumbrian coast.

Unfortunately, there is no epigraphic evidence on stone to confirm Mummius Sisenna’s administration of the province, and the only word I have to go on is that of Peter Salway (vide Roman Britain, pp.182/3).