Virius Lupus

Virius Lupus Governor of Britannia from 197 to 200/202 AD

… It chanced, however, that in an earlier battle Albinus had defeated Lupus, one of Severus’s generals, and had slain many of his soldiers. Cassius Dio History of Rome (197AD)

Inasmuch as the Caledonii¹ did not abide by their promises and had made ready to aid the Maeatae,² and in view of the fact that Severus at the time was devoting himself to the neighbouring war,² Lupus was to purchase peace from the Maeatae for a large sum; and he received a few captives.

Cassius Dio History of Rome LXXV.v.4 (c.197/8AD)
  1. A tribe from the highlands of Scotland, beyond the Forth-Clyde line.
  2. The Maeatae were possibly not a tribe as such, but was rather the name given to confederation of tribes who lived north of Hadrian’s Wall.
  3. This statement is probably in reference to the continued conflicts in Gaul against factions loyal to the renegade Albinus.

Virius Lupus – Epigraphic Evidence

Ilkley, Yorkshire RIB 637 [dated: 197-202] IMP SEVERVS AVG ET ANTONINVS CAES DESTINATVS RESTITVERVNT CVRANTE VIRIO LVPO LEG EORVM PR PR “For the emperors Severus Augustus and Antoninus Caesar, fixed and restored under the care of Virius Lupus, their pro-praetorian legate”.

Bowes, Yorkshire RIB 730 [altarstone; dated: 197-202] DAE FORTVNAE VIRIVS LVPVS LEG AVG PR PR BALINEVM VIIGNIS EXVSTVM COH I THRACVM RESTITVIT CVRANTE VAL FRONTONE PRAEF EQ ALAE VETTO “For the Goddess Fortune, Virius Lupus, legate of the emperor with pro-praetorian power, the baths having been destroyed by fire, were restored by the First Cohort of Thracians under the direction of Valerius Fronto, cavalry prefect of the Vettonian Wing”.

Corbridge, Northumberland RIB 1163 [dated: 197-202] VEXILLATIO LEG VI VIC P F SVB CVRA VIRI LVPI V C COS “A detachment of the Sixth Victorious Legion, Loyal and Faithful, [made this] under the direction of Virius Lupus, a most-famous man and consular”.