Appleby In Westmorland Roman Signal Station

Signal Station

This suspected Roman signal-station lies on the line of the Roman road (Margary #82) through the Eden Valley in Westmorland (Cumbria), about 1½ miles south-east of Appleby. The site is represented by what appears to be a signal-station of the ‘Gask Ridge’ type, typified by a square signal platform surrounded by a circular defensive ditch. Other suspect stations in the same scheme lie along the route at North Stainmore to the south-east, and at Castrigg about 2 miles to the north-west.

References for Appleby In Westmorland

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Roman Roads near Appleby In Westmorland

NW (5) to Bravoniacvm (Kirkby Thore, Cumbria) SE (7) to Verteris (Brough-under-Stainmore, Cumbria)

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