Branodunum (Brancaster) Vicus


There was an extensive civilian vicus settlement just outside the eastern gateway of the fort of Branodunum which showed signs of occupation from around the 2nd century, the streets in this civilian area are curiously not aligned with the fort’s defences. These facts have lent credence to the supposition that the late-3rd C. stone-built “Saxon Shore” fort was preceded by a timber-built fort perhaps dating to the Neronian reprisals against the Iceni tribe following their revolt under Boudicca in the early- AD 60’s.

An extensive area of civilian settlement outside the east gate of the fort is visible as cropmarks on air photos: almost every detail of the street system and house plots can be seen. Trial excavations have shown a similar occupation on the west side, almost half of which will soon be destroyed by a new housing project.

Sites near Branodunum (Brancaster) Vicus