Cropmarks of a Roman temporary camp were noted in 1961 less than 600 metres to the south of Carham appear to show portions of two possible sides of a camp with an entrance gap and external traverse. They lie between about 60 and 70 metres above OD at the western end of a ridge which provides good views over Tweeddale.

The cropmarks of the SW ditch of this possible camp are approximately 220 m long but are broken for about 24 m by a causeway for a gate; a possible traverse, roughly 20 m in length, is set about 18 m to the SW of it.

The strategic location and the local topography of the cropmarks tend to favour their classification as a camp. However, particular caution is necessary in the interpretation of the evidence in this case, as the Scottish army is said to have camped hereabouts in 1296; it might conceivably have dug similar ditches, or may have deliberately reused earlier defences. Full information is included in the NMR Archive.

Map References for Carham Camp

NGRef: NT7937 OSMap: LR74

Roman Roads near Carham Camp

None identified

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