Durocobrivis (Dunstable)

Minor Settlement

Durocobrivis or Dvrocobrivis was a minor settlement grew up at the crossroads of Watling Street the main military highway, and the ancient “Icknield Way”, a ridgeway running from Venta Icenorum, the capital of the Iceni in the NE, all the way to Aquae Sulis and the Sabrina Aestuarium (Severn Estuary) in the WSW.

The site of the Roman minor settlement of Durocobrivis lies below the present town of Dunstable in Bedfordshire; evidence is therefore limited.

Roman material has been collected from an area of around fourteen hectares, along a four hundred metre stretch of Watling Street, in places extending as far as 190 metres either side of that road.

Excavators have reported ‘poor housing’, timber buildings, roof-tile fragments, cobbled lanes, ditches, wells and pits.

The site was settled initially in the first century, and occupation continued into the fourth century.

There is a villa nearby at Totternhoe (SP9820) in Hertfordshire and pottery kilns at Luton (TL0624).

References for Dvrocobrivis

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Roman Roads near Dvrocobrivis

Icknield Way: ENE (17) to Baldock Watling Street: NW (11) to Magiovinivm Icknield Ridgeway: SW (10) to North Chvrch (Hertfordshire) Itinera II, VI & VIII: Watling Street: SE (9) to Vervlamivm (St. Albans, Hertfordshire)

Sites near Durocobrivis (Dunstable)