Eskbank Marching Camps

Marching or Temporary Camp

A large Roman temporary camp at Eskbank, identified in 1962, has a N side of 1360′, but only some 600′ of the E and W sides have been seen. The crop-mark of the ditch is clearly visible for the whole of the N side, except for some 200′ of the centre where a belt of trees and market gardens intervenes. The N gate must, therefore, lie in this belt. The average dimensions of the shorter sides of the 63-acre camps is 1350′, and these sides always have a central gate. However, St Boswells I and Pathhead I, some 53 acres in extent, both have their shorter sides not far different from this. Eskbank can hardly be grouped with Pathhead, only 4 3/4 miles distant, so it may well belong to the 63-acre series, but it cannot be assigned with certainty until the length is established.

St. Joseph speculates that this camp may belong to the 63-acre series of camps. There are other camps along the Esk at Lugton, Dalkeith and Inveresk.

References for Eskbank Camps

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Map References for Eskbank Camps

NGRef: NT3266 OSMap: LR66

OS National Grid Reference: NT321668
Dimensions: 1,360 x 600+ ft (415 x 183+ m)
Area: >18¾ acres (>7.6 ha)

Roman Roads near Eskbank Camps

None identified

Sites near Eskbank Marching Camps