Greensforge Fort B was built between 60AD – 80AD and has been positively dated to the Neronian/Flavian period and may have been built in the direct aftermath of the Boudiccan revolt; such an important river-crossing could hardly have been left un-guarded after the demolition of the original fort.

The dimensions of Greensforge Fort B were 450 ft NE/SW by 550 ft NW/SE (137 x 168 m) and covering an area of almost 5¾ acres (c.2.3 ha). It was the second and more substantial fort in the complex, has been partially excavated, and dated to the Neronian/Flavian era c.60-ADAD80. Excavations in the south-east corner of Fort B in 1929 revealed traces of a turf rampart, composed of a double row of turf filled with sand and gravel. Burnt wattle and daub was found in the interior, indicating the existence of timber buildings. Quantities of Claudian Samian ware were found, also a penannular brooch and fibula. Aerial photographs show at least two ditches, and more than one period of occupation. The main fort has a broad turf rampart with 2 ditches and traces of 3 gates. On the S and SE sides an annexe bounded by a single ditch, and several lengths of ditch are visible. c.1860 Numerous fragments of pottery and a coin of Vespasian were found, and in the eighteenth century, a large brass of Nero, now lost. Amateur metal detecting conducted in the 1980’s unearthed several coins and a fibula brooch, which have been deposited at Kidderminster Museum (JRS 1953 pp.84/5).

References for Greensforge Camps

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Map References for Greensforge Camps

OSMap: LR139

OS National Grid Reference: SO 8633 8865
Dimensions: c.550 x 450 ft (c.168 x 137 m)
Area: c.5¾ acres (c.2.3 ha)

Roman Roads near Greensforge Camps

None identified

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