Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 78 - Kirkland

Hadrian's Wall Milecastle

Milecastle 78 (Kirkland) was one of a series of – Milecastles or small fortlets built at intervals of approximately one Roman mile along Hadrian’s Wall. The mile fort is halfway between Glasson and Carlisle Harbor, in a field northwest of the access road to the Cottage and Glendale Holiday trailer park. There are no visible remains. The mile fort was discovered in 1938 and partially excavated. The west wall was about 2.8 meters wide. Only a row of stones on the inside facing was preserved, the rest was destroyed by stone robbery. In 2000 it was re-examined by English Heritage staff as part of the – Milecastles project. The surrounding moat was exposed in the west, south and east. The mile fort was 19.2 m wide (from east to west) and 20.7 m long (from north to south). The foundations of the walls were 2.5 meters wide. Traces of a fire were observed in the southwest corner, possibly once the location of a stove or an oven. Remains of the earlier wood and peat fortification have not been preserved. Hadrian’s Wall was there 2.35 m wide. The moat (vallum ) can still be seen in this area as a 0.8 m deep depression.

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