Little Milton, Ditchend Villa


… At Little Milton [47 JRS XI, 1950, 102, and pl. VI, 2, for an air photograph] (SP 624002), 8 miles south-east of Oxford, a small corridor-house with separate outbuildings on the east stands at one side of a rectangular ditched enclosure, which is subdivided by ditches into smaller compounds. The ditch-system is extensive and it is clearly not all of one period for one of the ditches underlies the house. Crop marks show the existence, within the enclosure, of numerous pits and holes; some of these may relate to agricultural operations, others to wooden buildings. It seems as if Little Milton is an example of a farming establishment of small size in which a stone-built house perhaps succeeded an earlier structure in timber.” (J.R.S., 1953, p.94)

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  • Air Reconnaissance of Southern Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. XLIII (1953) pp.81-97;

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NGRef: SP6200 OSMap: LR164/165

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