The Local Salt Industry

Salt extraction was one of the most profitable industries of the Cornovii tribe and was carried out at several sites in Cheshire, notably at Middlewich, known in Roman times as Salinae ‘the Salt Pans’. In addition to these main works there is evidence of considerable Romano-British salt production at Northwich and also at the recently-discovered salt-working settlement here at Nantwich.

A lead salt-drying pan bearing the inscriptions CVNI TICLE and CVNITVS CLER, perhaps the name of its original Romano-British owner or maker, has been found during recent excavations in Nantwich and is now housed in the Nantwich Town Museum.

Map References for Nantwich

NGRef: SJ6552 OSMap: LR118

Roman Roads near Nantwich

N (8) to Wilderspool (Cheshire) NE (20) to Mamvcivm (Manchester, Greater Manchester) King Street: WSW (17) to Deva (Chester, Cheshire)

Sites near Nantwich