The Wrekin Hillfort Iron Age Wellington   127(SJ:630083) 3.5km SW of Wellington by turning S from A5. – A major hillfort of around 20 acres (c.8ha). isolated on a long, narrow ridge, it has tremendous views. Thought to have been the tribal capital of the Cornovii, who were later resettled at Wroxeter, it has an inner enclosure of about 7 acres (c.2.8ha) that was protected by a main rampart, 6m wide, strengthened by cutting away the hillside below to steepen it artificially, and with inturned entrances on the NE and SW. An outer bank, occasionaly doubled, surrounds this, with an inturned entry on the NE. There were rows of small, square buildings between the inner and outer enclosures, and storage pits have yielded pottery of 300 BC. A possible Bronze Age round barrow stands at the SW end. Some of the final drystone walling seems to have been built rather badly, in a hurry, perhaps in the face of a Roman advance.

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NGRef: SJ630083 OSMap: LR127

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