Warham Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

This ditched enclosure lying about 2½ miles (c.4 km) from the Norfolk coast south-east of Wells-next-the-Sea, measures about 275 feet (c.84 m) square with a gap in the eastern side for a gateway, and covers an area of about 1¾ acres (c.0.7 ha). The angles are rounded, but the sides appear bowed-out on aerial photographs, which suggests a civilian rather than military usage. (JRS 1953 p.94.)

References for Warham

  • Air Reconnaissance of Southern Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. XLIII (1953) pp.81-97; 

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NGRef: TF9441 OSMap: LR132

Roman Roads near Warham

None identified

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