Ala Augusta Vocontiorum civium Romanorum

This unit was stationed in Lower Germany until the beginning of the second century AD when it was apparently moved to Britain in the train of emperor Hadrian, during his visit to the islands AD122. The only concrete evidence of this unit is at Newstead in Scotland, very likely during the Antonine occupation of the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. Undated lead seals identifying this unit have been found at Leicester and South-Shields, but these ‘luggage labels’ cannot be taken as proof of occupation by the unit at either fort.

Evidence for the presence of Ala Augusta Vocontiorum civium Romanorum in Britain

  1. Burn 100; CIL XVI.65 military diploma dated: July 17th AD122.
  2. L’Année Épigraphique 1997.1779a diploma dated c. AD126.
  3. Trimontium (Newstead, Borders; RIB 2121; Antonine).
  4. ?Arbeia (South Shields, Tyne & Wear; RIB 2411.70; lead seal).
  5. ?Ratae (Leicester, Leicestershire; RIB 2411.90; lead seal).