Cohors Primae Nervana Germanorum milliaria equitata

This unit were evidently recruited from among the various tribes of the German provinces, sometime during the reign of the emperor Nerva (96-98AD). They were a cohors milliaria equitata, a one-thousand strong peregrine auxiliary regiment of mixed infantry centuriae and cavalry turmae. If the altar at Netherby is to be attributed to this unit they were probably stationed at the fort during its first period of occupation as a Hadrianic outpost fort.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Primae Nervana Germanorum milliaria equitata in Britain

  1. Burn 100; CIL XVI.65 military diploma dated: July 17th 122AD.
  2. L’Année Épigraphique 1997.1001 diploma dated 27th February 158AD.
  3. Netherby? (RIB 966 altar to Cocidius dedicated by Coh I Nervane?).
  4. Burgh-by-Sands (RIB 2041 altar).
  5. Birrens (RIB 2093/2097 altars; 2116b altar with partial unit name).