Cohors Secundae Tungrorum milliaria equitata

This large, part-mounted cohort was recruited from amongst the Tungri tribe of eastern Belgica, inhabiting the western fringes of the Arduinna Silva (the Ardennes) south-east of Brussels. The evidence for this cohort in Britain is fairly substantial, though somewhat localised, there being at least 13 inscribed altarstones and tombstones naming the regiment from two separate locations. They appear to have been stationed at Birrens on the western Scottish/English border during the Antonine period and later removed to Castlesteads on Hadrian’s Wall sometime during the late-2nd/early-3rd centuries.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Secundae Tungrorum milliaria equitata in Britain

  1. Birrens (RIB 2092 altar; 2094 pedestal; 2100, 2104, 2107-2109 altars; 2110 157-158AD; 2115 tombstone).
  2. Castlesteads (RIB 1981/1982 altars; 1983 altar 241AD; 1999 238-244AD).