Cohors Septimae Thracum

Another cohort known only from diplomata; there being no representation amongst the inscribed stones and other epigraphy recovered from any of the known Roman forts in Britain.

What does Cohors Septimae Thracum mean?

  1. Cohors (Cohort): This is a Latin term for a military unit in the Roman army. A cohort was a key infantry unit of the Roman legion but could also operate independently of the legionary structure.
  2. Septimae (Seventh): This indicates the numerical designation or sequence of the cohort. In this case, “Septimae” means the seventh.
  3. Thracum (of the Thracians): This part usually refers to the ethnic origin or recruitment base of the soldiers in the cohort. “Thracum” suggests that the soldiers were either recruited from Thrace (a historical and geographical area in Southeast Europe, now divided among Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey) or were of Thracian descent.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Septimae Thracum in Britain

  1. Military Diplomata 122AD
  2. Military Diplomata c AD126
  3. Military Diplomata AD 158