Ala Augusta ob virtutem appellata – The Augustan Wing, so named by reason of their virtue

Possibly at Lancaster in the late 1st century, first identified at Chesters on Hadrian’s Wall during Hadrianic period. The unit was likely removed from Chesters after the accession of Pius ( AD138) and campaigned somewhere in Scotland, the next known record of the unit being at Old Carlisle in 188, where it stayed until at least 242. The altar at Carlisle recording a victory won by the unit, probably belongs to the period when they were stationed nearby at Old Carlisle. The fate of this unit is unknown, but it may have been renamed Ala Augusta Gordia(na), also recorded at Old Carlisle.

Evidence for the presence of Ala Augusta ob virtutem appellata in Britain

  1. Calunium (Lancaster, Lancashire; RIB 606?; late 1st C. AD)
  2. Cilurnum (Chesters, Northumberland; Britannia x, 1979, p.346, no.7)
  3. Luguvalium (Carlisle, Cumbria; RIB 946; altar to Hercules; Commodus?)
  4. Maglona (Old Carlisle, Cumbria; RIB 894; Jupiter altar; AD191)
  5. ?Maglona (Old Carlisle, Cumbria; RIB 897; Jupiter altar by Ala Augusta Gordia; AD242)