The Vacomagi, were an Iron Age tribe in the British Isles prior to the Roman invasion of Britain. Their territory was in what was the old districts of Banffshire, Elginshire, Nairnshire, and the eastern portion of Inverness-shire.

The Realm of the Vacomagi according to Ptolemy

“Below Caledonia are the Vacomagi, among whom are the following towns: Bannatia 24*00 59°30 Tamia 25*00 59°20 Alata Castra 27*15 59°20 Tuesis 26*45 59°10″ Above quote from the Geographia of Ptolemy (II.ii)

The Tribal Πολεις (Poleis or Settlements) Assigned by Ptolemy

Bannatia [unknown]
Tamia [unknown]
Alata Castra [unknown]
Tuesis [unknown]

The origin of the name Vacomagi is uncertain although possibility is that Vacomagi may come from the old British words vaco, a bay or firth, and magh, a plain and so the people of the plain of the firth.