A son of Commius the Younger. His elder brother Tincommius succeeded to the Atrebatean throne following a period of joint rule after their father’s death in c.20BC. Tincommius continued to rule the kingdom from Noviomagus on the south coast, and left his brother Eppillus to govern the northern tribal lands from Calleva. Subjection to the rule of his brother seems not to have been acceptable to Eppillus however, probably because of his siblings openly pro-Roman tendancies, for in c.7AD he conspired to remove Tincommius from the Atrebatean throne, forcing him to flee to Rome to petition the emperor. Augustus did not want to trouble himself with the situation, however, and recognised Eppillus as king of the Atrebates, allowing him to issue coinage bearing the title REX CALL. His reign over the Atrebatean heartlands was quite short, for in c.15AD he was supplanted by his younger brother Verica who possibly raised support among the Atrebatean nobles at his brothers unconstitutional accession. He escaped to Cantium, where in turn, he supplanted either Dubnovellaunus or Vosenios as king.

Eppillus means “little horse” in Celtic.