Forum - Basilica

Basilica - The main buildings for local governmental activity and justice were usually aisled halls with a raised dais at one end (often apsidal), a central hall and offices. The remains at Silchester demonstrate that they could be grand edifices. The raised area at the end was usually reserved for trials and council meetings.

Forum - This was the essential meeting place for the town or city and was where elections took place, pronouncements to the population were made and where business matters could be conducted. They were usually an enclosed spaced open to the air which may have had colonnaded sides to allow business to be conducted in inclement weather, in Britain this was mostly rain, unlike many other countries in the Empire where the colonnade would provide shelter from the sun. Temporary stalls would have been common in and around the forum. In Britain these two major elements were often found together as at London, Silchester, Cirencester and Verulamium.

Locations of Forum - Basilicas in Roman Britain