Bean Burn Camp 1

Marching or Temporary Camp

Bean Burn Camp 1, Northumberland

OS National Grid Reference: NY756660
Dimensions: 187 x 187 ft; (57 x 57 m)
Area: ¾ acres (0.3 ha)
Description: This perfectly square small camp has 4 gates, one in the centre of each side, the gates to N & S protected by external titulum defences.

There are three more marching camps to the north-west at Seatsides near the Stanegate, and another just south of the Vallum at Twice Brewed.

References for Bean Burn Camps

  • Roman Camps in England – The Field Archaeology by Welfare & Swan (HMSO, London, 1995)

Map References for Bean Burn Camps

NGRef: NY774695 OSMap: LR86/87

Roman Roads near Bean Burn Camps

None identified

Sites near Bean Burn Camp 1