The Beulah camps were probably constructed by Roman armies during the conquest of Wales in the later first century AD and probably dated to the administration of governor Quintus Veranius. The camp at Coelbren in West Glamorgan (SN8610) possibly dates from the same campaigns (See Webster, fig.37 p.106).

The two Roman temporary camps north of Caerau, Beulah, can be recognised from intermittent stretches of degraded ramparts. The features include two and possibly a third, entrance gaps featuring an internal clavicula (in a Roman camp, curved extension of rampart (and ditch) protecting a gateway). A small rectangular earthwork enclosure can also be recognised.

These features have been observed from the air and plotted from air photos. They are set out across a declining north-east facing spur some 400m north of the Caerau Roman military settlement.

The larger camp is in the region of 400-430m north-east to south-west by 350m, enclosing an area of about 15ha. The two definite entrances belong to this camp and, together with the fall of the ground, indicate that it faced north-east, towards the river. The camp’s north-east front is symmetrically convex with a 75m central section.

What has recently been identified as the camp’s south-west side, including the third possible entrance, appears to be part of a second camp, its south-eastern rampart running about 90m within that of the larger camp. This second camp could have enclosed an area of about 7.0ha, but may have been larger.

References for Beulah Camp

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Map References for Beulah Camp

NGRef: SN9150 OSMap: LR147

OS National Grid Reference: SN919507
Dimensions: 1,375 x 1,160 ft (419 x 354 m)
Area: c.36½ acres (14.8 ha)

Roman Roads near Beulah Camp

None identified

Sites near Beulah Camps