Llandrindod Practice Works

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The Military Practice Works on Llandrindod Common

There are at least 18 Roman military practice works situated on Llandrindod Common, south of the town of Llandrindod Wells, and the nearby Roman fort at Castell Collen. A typical example would be square in outline with rounded corners and gateways in the centre of each side, measuring about 100 feet square (c.30 m square), with an area of just under ¼-acre (c.0.09 ha). There are several well-preserved examples in the area; one measuring 120 feet square (c.36.6 m square) and covering about one-third of an acre (c.0.13 ha) lies to the east of the Roman road (at SO 050593), a smaller work (at SO 051593) displays internal clavicula defences at each of its four gateways, and another (at SO 055601) has external tutuli defences at each entrance. All of these works were probably made by the garrison of the nearby fort during training exercises.

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NGRef: SO0560 OSMap: LR147

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