Walton Temporary Camp 3

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp lies just outside Walton to the north-west. Only the northern circuit is established, including the north-east and north-west angles, the entire northern side with a gateway displaced to the east on a ratio of 2:1, also a 160ft length of the east side and about 280ft of the west, including a gateway which, if placed centrally in these defences would mean a north-south dimension of about 410ft. The B4357 bisects the camp along its short axis, with the A44 obliterating all trace of its south-west corner. The defences of Walton Camp-2 lie close outside the camps western rampart.

It seems very likely that the smaller camps at Walton were all contemporary, given that they are carefully built alongside each other, and it is possible that the large camp at Hindwell Farm was also built around the same time, evidently during troop build-up before a substantial push into Wales.

References for Walton Camps

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Map References for Walton Camps

NGRef: SO2559 OSMap: LR137/148

OS National Grid Reference: SO255600
Dimensions: 550 x c.410 ft (168 x 125 m)
Area: c.5¼ acres (2.1 ha)

Roman Roads near Walton Camps

None identified

Sites near Walton Temporary Camp 3